TSO-Approved Air Cargo Tie-Down Ancra Straps, Cargo Nets, and Fittings

Proponent is now a proud authorized global distributor of Ancra Straps. Ancra air cargo tie-down straps ensure that ULD’s and pallets do not move during flights. Using quality Ancra fitting straps helps keep the cargo, the aircraft, and the aircrew safe.

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Multiple Ancera cargo straps

Performance. Quality. Strength.

Ancra’s Technical Standard Order (TSO)-approved air cargo straps meet the design, quality, and performance requirements of the 2016 Technical Standard Order certification. Ancra straps are made-to-order with custom options such as ratchet buckle, double stud ring fittings, or hook ends. Ancra strap fittings can be ordered in custom colors or available in 11 Federal 595 Standard Colors. The straps are load/ flammability tested and proven in simulated gust conditions by an independent qualified test lab. Ancra strap fittings are high-quality materials made with land, sea, and air industry performance in mind.

The straps are monitored through the AS9100 Quality Assurance system, the highest achievable quality system for aerospace and aviation companies, and the Federation Aviation Administration (FAA) Production Certificate (PC721NM). Ancra cargo straps are trusted and engineered with over 50 years of industry experience across the globe.

Ancra International Solutions Inspire Confidence By:

  • Strong webbing (10,000 lb rated) of any (Technical Standard Order) TSO-approved Cargo strap built to resist snags, cuts, frays and minimize
  • Military grade type 5 polyester webbing
  • Meets the 2.5 inch/minute burn rate requirements
    per FAR 25
  • Exceeds all FAA / EASA and ISO and SAE
  • Specially designed hardware to ensure
    compactness and lightweight
  • Longest warranty available on the market — 3 years
    of worry-free use
  • Custom colors, logos, and stenciling available for
    easy identification
  • Full traceability of each component through our
    quality assurance system.

Part Number Listing

  • 70059
    Buckle Options: Overcenter Buckle
    End Fitting Options: Snap Hook or Double Stud ISO Fitting
    Length: ≥ 24 feet (731.5 cm)
  • 70060
    Buckle Options: Ratchet Buckle
    End Fitting Options: Snap Hook or Double Stud ISO
    Length: Fitting Available in any length
  • 70071
    Buckle Options: Overcenter Buckle Ratchet Buckle
    End Fitting Options: Snap Hook and Double Stud ISO Fitting
    Length: Overcenter buckle: ≥ 24 feet (731.5 cm). Ratchet buckle: available in any lengths

Ancra’s (Technical Standard Order) TSO-approved air cargo tie-down straps are the most durable, reliable, and long-lasting within the market.

For more details on the available Ancra straps view or download the flyer.

Technical Drawings

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Technical Drawings

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