Customer Warranty & Repair Administration

Proponent’s warranty and repair administration (PWRA) provides a connection between airlines, MROs, distributors, and the warranty and repair services of Collins Aerospace and Aviation Technical Services.

Managing Warranty & Repair Orders and Customers

We manage and take ownership of the warranty & repair orders for all or a selection (long tail, regional) of your customers. We take on all customer communication, quote approvals, accounts receivable, logistics, and trade and export compliance requirements, so that you can focus on turning wrenches. Our services simplify your processes, increase shop velocity and efficiency.

Benefits Of Proponent Warranty & Repair Administration

Single Point Of Contact

By serving as a single point of contact between customers and suppliers for warranty and repair services, Proponent reduces the challenges faced in working across international lines.

Warranty And Repair Coordination

Proponent coordinates the warranty and repair services between customers and suppliers, ensuring payments and regulatory compliance are met. We cover the administration, allowing customers and suppliers to focus on their own business needs.

Efficiency And Accuracy

We work to ensure warranty and repair services are provided efficiently and accurately. We leverage our relationships with suppliers to provide customers around the world with the same level of service, helping both suppliers and customers grow their businesses.

Process Simplification

Proponent simplifies the process of ordering warranty and repair services and fulfilling those services. By administering the process, we enable aviation businesses to maintain focus on flying and parts suppliers to ensure quality repairs.

Managing Warranty & Repair Orders and Customers

The customer experiences enhanced value through the role of PWRA as the administrator. PWRA manages customer communication, receipt of paperwork, shipping, and invoicing while the OEM repair station assesses, repairs, and provides certificates.


Contact Information

For Proponent Warranty & Repair Administration for Collins Aerospace (formerly UTC Aerospace Systems – UTAS), cage codes 59885, 60678, 0AJJ0, 89305, 12511 or ATS (Aviation Technical Services) cage code 53ZS6, please send units to the following address:

Proponent Warranty & Repair Administration
2999 County Road 42 West, Suite #132
Burnsville, MN 55306-4898 USA

Int’l and US: 1-800-554-5856 x 1145
  • Installed aircraft parts should be sent directly to PWRA (Above Address)
  • non-installed units with no service hours should be coordinated through your Proponent Customer Service Representative

Please send RO/PO and tracking information prior to shipping units via email to:

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