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Suppliers Trust Us to Deliver More Than Parts.

As your parts distributor, we offer much more than just getting your parts into your customers hands.

Valuable Market Intelligence

Proponent works directly with over 1,000 MROs and 500+ airlines, including 86% of all commercial jets. We respond to more than 13 million RFQs every year, and ship out over 50 million parts. Nobody knows more about what this market wants now and what it will want in the future. When you choose to partner with Proponent, you get access to our proprietary and unique market intelligence.

Invested in your Success

Proponent’s 500+ global employees aren’t just employees. They’re employee-owners who are directly invested in your success. Every single one of them knows and understands that when you succeed, so do they.

We Promote Your Products

Proponent has a global team of more than 140 aerospace sales professionals, who are in close daily contact with the end users of your products. When you choose to partner with Proponent, our sales team becomes your sales team.

Industry-Leading Transparency

At Proponent, openness is built into our DNA, and it’s one of our key corporate values. When you partner with us, we’ll share our exclusive insights into product performance, market demand, customer behavior, aircraft fleet data, market inventory data, and much more.

Let’s Work Together

Are you a supplier interested in leveraging Proponent’s capabilities? We’re excited to hear from you.

Suppliers Trust Us to Deliver More Than Parts.

As a value-added parts distributor, we partner with you in a transparent manner to ensure more than just delivering parts to customers. While providing aviation business customers with complete solutions centered around connecting them with the parts and supplies they need to maintain their aircraft, we provide you with market insights into how your products are being used. Our employee owners believe that these partnerships contribute not only to our success, but build lasting relationships with our suppliers that benefit both them and our customers.

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