The Boeing 737 MAX is ready? Have a look at what the 737 Max jet needs to get in the air.

Aeroplane banking with landing gear down

After over a year of being grounded, the Boeing 737 Max is set to return to the skies. The planes were grounded in March last year following two crashes. The planes have had to undergo rigorous changes and improvements in order to get back into service as swiftly and safely as possible. They specifically focused on making modifications to pilot training and added safety features.

What is the Boeing 737 Max?

The Boeing 737 Max is the latest generation of the Boeing 737 plane models. Its advanced features include a more efficient engine that will decrease carbon emissions, split winglets, and changes to the frame to help enhance aerodynamics.[1] The Max’s increased fuel efficiency was especially talked about when the plane first debuted. Despite the projection of increased fuel prices, the advanced features of the Boeing 737 Max greatly improve cost efficiency which is expected to decrease the impact of rising fuel costs.

New Safety Measures

In order to get the plane back into the air, it had to meet certain requirements before the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)[2] could allow the planes to take flight. Alongside physical adjustments to the plane, there have also been changes to the pilot training involved to fly these planes. In terms of the modifications to the planes themselves, safety features have taken priority as well as with the pre-flight checklist.  The following is a list of some of the different safety systems that were replaced, inspected, or improved in the Boeing 737 Max:

  • Batteries for Life/Safety Systems, Accessories, and Power Systems
  • Filters for Cabin Air, Avionics, Hydraulics, and Water
  • Switches
  • Interior Components Such as Lighting, Carpet Tape, and Sky Interior
  • Pitots, AOA, and TAT Sensors
  • Circuit Breakers
  • Oxygen Masks & Generators
  • Seals and Gaskets
  • Electrical Components Including Connectors, Breakers, Etc.

Bottom Line

The exact date that the Boeing 737 Max will be incorporated back into service is dependent on individual airlines; each airline will be following the FAA guidelines to ensure the crew and passengers’ safety measures are met before taking flight. American Airlines was the first to plan flights on the 737 Max. The first flights successfully took place on December 29, 2020[3], taking off from Miami and New York.

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