Proponent Discusses the Use of Prescriptive Analytics with Aerospace Manufacturing and Design Magazine

Airplane in hangar during maintenance

In an article for Aerospace Manufacturing and Design, Kapco Global discusses the implications for prescriptive analytics in aircraft manufacturing, maintenance and the supply chain, including three big obstacles that have prevented rapid adoption of this model.

What is the difference between predictive vs. prescriptive analytics? Predictive analytics help understand how situations may play out. Prescriptive analytics supply optimal outcomes based on the best possible solution for each potential result. In the Aerospace Manufacturing and Design article, we discuss how to use prescriptive analytics to optimize maintenance, repair, and operations (MRO) and how this can improve the life of your plane. We do this through collecting data on flight arrival times, weather impacts, fuel usage, and by analyzing even the smallest parts of the plane by performing a borescope inspection. How can this help? Read the full article

Using prescriptive analytics works for more than just MRO. It’s found its way into the aerospace supply chain industry as well. This can quickly help suppliers identify customer’s issues and help provide them quick solutions. Want to learn more about prescriptive analytics relates to supply chain? Read our full article on Aerospace Manufacturing and Design.

Learn how Kapco Global uses methods like these to better serve our aviation customers. Read the full article by clicking “Prescriptive Analytics in Aircraft Maintenance”.


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