Aircraft Parts Distributor: Three Components for Success

Commercial Airplane taking off over the ocean

Throughout aerospace history, there have been many aircraft part distributor’s and similar aerospace industry participants. Some aircraft parts distributors services and suppliers have managed to stand the test of time, while others in the aviation industry have been unable to keep afloat. At Kapco Global, we consider our ability to adapt to changes within the aerospace industry as an important contributor to our longevity. As such, we have identified three necessary components for aerospace distributors’ success.

Global Reach, the Right Way

As an aircraft parts distributor, the importance of international reach cannot be contested. With rising industry markets in Asia-Pacific and the Middle East, the global expanse of aviation will only continue to increase rapidly. This, coupled with some of the tightest deadlines of any industry and astronomically high costs for grounded aircraft (for details, check out “Causes (and Costs) Behind a Grounded Aircraft”), makes the need for central business locations strewn across multiple continents essential. However, unlike more straightforward industries, the solution isn’t as simple as opening new warehouses all over the world.

Your Reputation is a Pre-Requisite for Success

An established history of stellar, solutions-oriented customer service, quick and reliable delivery times, and the ability to tailor quality orders to the needs of customers is the foundation for successful aircraft parts distributor’s. This history is built over years of exemplary service and solutions. As a result, simply expanding into new territories will not always be met with success. Instead, established partnerships with regional aircraft part distributors displaying the same customer-driven values bring much better success. These partnerships mean that specialized knowledge specific to the location is not lost, but cultivated with the support of a larger distributor network.

Use Technology to Serve Your Customers

In any global industry, especially aviation, technology can often be considered the best way to connect with customers. However, heavy regulations and specialized needs of the aircraft industry make straightforward e-commerce more complex. Instead, aircraft parts distributors should utilize technology with the primary purpose of adding benefit to customers, rather than as a replacement for traditional B2B methods of business. At Kapco Global, we use our e-commerce platform, Kapco kart, to make ordering easier for our customers. We give our customers access to real-time inventory figures, bulk-purchasing discounts, and a same-day shipping clock service. Our customers can also use the platform to download essential documents and certifications. However, we do not rely solely on this “click and buy” method for purchasing.

While our e-commerce platform has proven to be a convenient solution for many of our customers, the unpredictable nature of the aviation industry makes it impossible to rely solely upon this technology. Because of this, we offer 24-hour customer service, priority response for AOG situations (aircraft on ground), and customized aircraft parts solutions, among other benefits. Additionally, our partnerships with globally located and like-minded aircraft part distributors and manufacturers have worked to expand our quality aircraft product offerings and to shorten shipping times. While we consider it essential to adapt to changes in the aviation industry, we have worked hard to ensure that these changes are never made without ensuring their benefit to our customers.

At Kapco Global, we strive to be more than an aircraft part distributor. Instead of solely focusing on the products, we make sure to provide our customers with sales solutions that will better their business operations. After all, their success is our success.

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