Upon request, Proponent will acknowledge receipt of hard copy purchase orders, and their acceptance or denial.

For SPEC-enabled customers, SPEC 2000 acknowledgment will be generated with the appropriate “S1″ message.


Unless other terms have been agreed to, all manual orders will have a $35 Minimum Order Value, and no line minimum.  The $35 per order minimum is waived for all online orders placed using EDI, SPEC2000 or our ProCart website.


An item noted as “Special Order” on a quote is subject to a cancellation fee of up to 100% of the quoted price. Orders for Stock-class parts may be subject to a cancellation fee.


Due to current volatility within the global supply chain, prices and lead times for parts not in-stock are subject to change without notice. Proponent may request an adjustment to quoted and acknowledged pricing and/or lead times.

Parts shown without prices are subject to Proponent Standard Terms and Conditions for Quotes.


Shipments to customers who have not established credit terms will be made on a C.O.D. or ACH payment basis.

To establish open terms with Proponent, a customer must provide six trade references using the New Customer Application Form (Requires Acrobat Reader).

Payments from customers who have been given credit terms must be mailed to the address shown on the invoice within thirty (30) days of the Proponent invoice date. Invoices commence at the time of shipment.

Proponent reserves the right to modify or cancel credit terms and/or credit limits at any time without notice, and require guaranteed security or payment in advance for the amount of the order.


Terms of Sale: EXW – Incoterms 2010

Request for deferral of shipment will be accommodated up to 90-days from Proponent’s original promise date.


We know that “AOG” are the three worst letters in aerospace. Well, we’ve got three words for you: “We’re on it.” Our 24/7 AOG services help you get your plane back in the air – where it belongs. Proponent’s global network means that your vital parts are always close by, and our guaranteed 30-minute response time means that you can relax sooner. We make sure your AOG is A-OK ASAP.


Call + 1 (205) 650-4938. Anytime, day or night.


Proponent will deliver a customer’s shipment with a Proponent certificate of conformance. This document certifies that the parts have been produced under Federal Aviation Administration approved manufacturing and quality control systems/methods and are new and in airworthy condition. FAA 8130-3 is provided upon request.

If you are the design authority or a sub-contractor to them, a full certification package (i.e., sub-tier supplier certifications including material and processes) will be provided upon request. This request must be stipulated on the purchase order. In order to protect any proprietary data, sub-contractors must provide evidence of permission to obtain proprietary data. An additional charge may be assessed for a full cert package.

All other product will be delivered with a Proponent certificate of conformance. If a third party holds the FAA approval, a customer may request a copy of the manufacturer certificate of conformance and/or an FAA Form 8130-3 or ATA106.

For standard parts and raw material, a copy of the manufacturer certificate of conformance and/or a test report (a charge may be required) will be provided upon request.


Products are properly identified and packaged to ATA Specification No. 300 and/or customer specific requirements.

Upon request, o-rings can be shipped via bulk or packaged per AMS2817 specifications.

Products are packaged and/or stored in a manner that provides adequate protection from normal hazards.


  1. Ordered in Error by Customer:  Products ordered in error by a customer may be returned to Proponent for credit within 90 days after the product was shipped. A restocking charge of 25% or US$250 (whichever is greater) will apply against the original invoice. Proponent will not accept raw material returns, expired or shelf life controlled parts nearing expiration or items that were quoted as ‘Special Order’. The customer will bear all return shipping charges.
  2. Customer returns in aggregate in calendar year 2020 cannot exceed 5% of all purchases for calendar year 2019.
  3. The value of the return will come in the form of a store credit that can be used against future purchases or against current AR balances.
  4. Shipped in Error by Proponent: Products shipped in error by Proponent (including those incorrectly identified) may be returned to Proponent for credit within 30 days after the product was shipped. Transportation charges for the return will be borne by Proponent.
  5. Warranty Returns: Defective or non-conforming parts may be returned to Proponent for repair or replacement. See Proponent Warranty Terms and Conditions for additional information.
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