Proponent has earned a remarkable record based on the premise of first time quality and on-time delivery. Our state of the art systems and equipment enhances more than a half-century of direct experience in developing innovative solutions to complex customer needs.

We support prototype, tooling and both low & high volume production quantities.

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  • Transparent
  • Offer solutions
  • Concurrent engineering support
  • Expedite services
  • Quick response


  • Flat pattern & mold extrusion seals – cutting & bonding
  • Water Jet Machining
  • CNC multi-axis machining, horizontal and vertical
  • High-speed machining software
  • Interactive CAD/CMM systems
  • Turnkey design, fabrication, finishing, assembly
  • Traceability/ certification/ testing
  • Build-to-print machined & assemblies complete
  • Raw materials in stock for common manufactured gaskets to shorten lead times


  • Large-part precision machining to 120″
  • Complex configuration inspection
  • Exotic alloy machining
  • Internet link to customer part database
  • Ship to stock
  • Global sourcing of components, processes & materials
  • ITAR process & controls


  • AS9100/ ISO9001 Certified
  • Boeing Approved QMS as defined by D1-4426
  • FAA AC 00-56B


  • Registered with DLA (Defense Logistics Agency)
  • Boeing Inspection Delegations
  • Boeing Approved Fabrication – High Strength Low-Alloy Steel
  • Honeywell Approved – Fabrication & Inspection Delegation


  • 100% complete build to print responsibility acceptance
  • Added value can be realized by our proximity to all processing facilities located in Southern California


We consistently invest in the latest technology and equipment to assure the capabilities needed to meet the demands of the industry

  • State-of-the-art ERP system
  • Real-time tracking
  • Design/materials assessment
  • Turnkey processing
  • Assembly/finishing to final


Water Jet
  • One OMAX Waterjet
  • 55″ X 100″ bed with 50 HP pump, 60,000 PSI NOZZLE, Tilt-A-Jet head
CNC Knife
  • One ATOM 3015, Cutting area (120″ x 61″)
  • Two BRIDGEPORT (12″ X 42″ travel), 2 HP
Die Presses
  • One ATOM 22 Ton
CNC Milling Centers
  • Three HAAS VF-4SS, (20″ X 50″ travel) 4 Axis 10,000 rpm spindle, 30 HP, 40 taper
  • One HAAS VF-6, (64″ X 32″ travel) 5 Axis 10,000 rpm spindle 30, HP 40, taper
  • One HAAS EC-1600YZT, (64″ X 50″ travel) 4 Axis 6,000 rpm spindle, 30, HP 50 taper
  • One HAAS VF-10, (120″ X 32″ travel) 10,000 rpm spindle, 45 HP, 50 taper
CNC Turning Centers
  • One HAAS ST-10, 14″ turning diameter with 12-position tool holder, (with Haas Bar Feeder) 15 HP
  • One HAAS ST-20, 15″ turning diameter with 12-position tool holder, (with Haas Bar Feeder) 20 HP
  • One HAAS SL-30TL, 21″ turning diameter with 12-position tool holder, (with Haas Bar Feeder) 30 HP, with live tooling
  • One HAAS ST-30, 21″ turning diameter with 12-position tool holder, (with Haas Bar Feeder) 30 HP, with LNS steady rest
  • One HAAS ST-40LBB, 25″ turning diameter with 12-position tool holder, 80″ length of cut, big bore 55 HP, with LNS steady rest
Inspection Equipment
  • One MITUTOYO Model B-231 Coordinate Measuring Machine (X=28″ Y=24″ Z=18″) – IK 5000 Software
  • One MITUTOYO Model BN715 Coordinate Measuring Machine (X=24”, Y=60”, Z=28”) – CMM Manager Software
  • One ROMER ARM, 4ft arm, mobile inspection – Polyworks Software
  • One WILSON Hardness Machine “Rockwell” – A, B and C Scales
  • Three Precision surface plates from 36″ to 60″
  • One 14″ STI Optical comparator using M2 Vertical Software
  • One TESA 28” Electronic Height Gauge
CAD/CAM Software
Mastercam Logo
  • Mastercam X7 CAD/CAM thru full 5 Axis 
SolidWorks Logo
  • 3D CAD design & analysis software by Dassault Systemes
  • Used for shop model creation and analysis
CMM Manager
CMM Manager
  • Metrology software by NIKON
  • Used on DCC CMM for tight tolerance part inspection
  • Metrology software by InnovMetric
  • Used on Romer Arm for part inspection
E2 MFG System
  • Shoptech E2 Job Tracking software


Phone: +1 714-223-5401


Address: 3050 Enterprise St., Brea, CA 92821

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