Halon-Free Fire Extinguisher

Easy Retrofit. The Lightest. The Smallest.

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Offering the smallest & lightest Halon-Free 5B:C Cabin Fire Extinguisher.

Mandatory change; per Commission Regulation (EU) No 744/2010 the use of halon is no longer permitted
after 2025.

Airbus’s choice for non-halon FE. Factory Line Fit on all Airbus aircraft!

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Qualifications & Certifications:

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Qualification in accordance with:

  • CFR Title 49, Part 173, § 173.309 (DOT)
  • 2014/68/EU Pressure Equipment Directive
  • UL 2129
  • FAA AC20 42D
  • SAE AS6271
Umlaut Fire extinguisher bracket


  • EASA certification for AIRBUS A320 family, A330/A340, A350, A380
  • EASA certification for ATR 42 and ATR 72
  • ANAC certification for EMBRAER E Jet & E2 family, Phenom family, Legacy family
Close up of fire extinguisher pressure gauge

Certification will be expanded to:

  • ETSO
  • EASA certification for all Boeing aircrafts
  • FAA certification for all Airbus / Boeing aircrafts

Product Information


Fire classes:

  • 34B as per EN4649, EN3 and ISO7165
  • 24B at -40°C
  • Usable on energized electrical devices with Li Ion batteries

Minimum Performance Standard:

  • Seat Fire Toxicity
  • Hidden Fire Test
  • DOT/FAA/AR 01/37 MPS

Weight and Dimensions

  • Lifetime of 12 years for extinguisher
  • Weight of filled HAFEX, including bracket: 2.4 kg (including 1.6 kg of agent)

Easy Retrofit

  • Easy retrofit due to different hole patterns and small size.
  • Easy replacement of most actual available extinguishers due to different fixation possibilities and small space envelope.

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