Advanced Air Purification Technology

Introducing Air Purification System (APS)

CAGE Code: 18265/ F0218
ATA Chapter: 21

HEPA filters alone can miss important irritants that disrupt crew and passenger comfort – unpleasant and irritating odors in the ambient air such as exhaust, anti-icing fluid, bleed air, perfume, cleaning agents, and harsh chemicals. With enhanced disinfectant measures being put in place to protect crew and passengers, the need for an all-encompassing filtration solution is critical.

Donaldson’s advanced air purification system (APS) provides all of HEPA’s protections and benefits while also filtering odors and volatile organic compounds for enhanced passenger and crew comfort. The result: cleaner more comfortable air to breathe for all on board.

Undershot of a white Boeing 777, with its landing gear down
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  • A320
    Donaldson PN: P636205
    Alternative PN from Pall Aerospace: QB06543-01
  • A330/340
    Donaldson PN: 9636240
    Alternative PN from Pall Aerospace: QB0434-02


  • 777
    Donaldson PN: P639821
  • 777x
    Donaldson PN: P633517
  • 787
    Donaldson PN: P615787

Did You Know:

  • Frequent Exchange: Volume of cabin air is exchanged every two to three minutes
  • High Efficiency APS Filtration: Greater than 99.97% of viruses and bacteria are captured by particulate air filters
  • Minimize Front-to-Back: Cabin air flows primarily from ceiling to floor in a circular pattern

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