Actron Anti-Viral Shield

The First Antimicrobial Finish Certified by the EPA

With the current global health crisis, it has never been more important to ensure the safety and protection of essential frontline workers and customers. Proponent is pleased to do their part in stemming the spread of COVID-19 with this Switlik Face Shield.

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Actron anti-viral shield

Actron’s Antiviral Shield Inspires Confidence

  • The antibacterial copper coating is strong, durable, and permanent. Other chemical coatings could chip or wear off surfaces.
  • This antiviral shield remains active for the life of the product with a thickness of up to .01 inches.
  • The copper-based finish can be applied to the hardware found in aircraft and rail lavatories, galleys, and seating areas.
  • While new guidance specifies sanitation activities between all flights, Actron’s Antiviral Shield continuously protects surfaces even after repeated contamination during flight.

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