Supply Chain Infographic—10 Steps to World Domination…

Supply Chain Management Infographic

As Illustrated by Commercial Aviation Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul

In today’s global marketplace, businesses have more opportunities than ever. With international communication at the click of a button and shipping lines reaching across continents, world domination is now within reach for the established brand and the entrepreneurial start up alike (ever heard of Uber?). But world domination can be tricky, and expansion definitely has its challenges (again, ever heard of Uber?).

While the bumps along the road can be varied and numerous, whether it’s from town to town or continent to continent, there are some expansion procedures you can set in place that will make the process easier. For businesses relying on the timely delivery and proper inventory of various parts and products, strategic supply chain management is one such procedure.

At first, the ins and outs of supply chain management can be a bit overwhelming. There are so many factors to consider, and much of a supply chain’s success rests in the hands of third party providers (think manufacturers and shipping agents).

But the process doesn’t have to be so complicated. Here at Kapco Global, we’re in the business of simplifying the MRO supply chain, but the same principals apply to any business. That’s why we made a supply chain infographic to illustrate how, though supply chain management can seem like an overwhelming task if you attempt to take on the whole job internally, when you work with a full service component distributor, the process becomes much more manageable.

We think the supply chain infographic turned out pretty good. It’s a simple illustration of the basics, and shows how a company can save quite a bit of time and headache when it outsources component distributor responsibilities to a full-service third party. We invite you to share this graphic with anyone you know who is currently looking into achieving world domination. All we request is that when you post it onto your website, you do so via the bit of code at the bottom of the graphic.

If you’d like more information on how Kapco can help streamline your MRO distribution, give us a shout via one of the numbers listed on our contact page. We’re constantly expanding our global presence to ensure we have a location near you. World domination here we come!



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