Rodolph Italianer headshot

Rodolph Italianer

In his role as the Vice President of Business Innovation, Rodolph Italianer is always looking for creative new avenues for serving Proponent’s customers and suppliers. He leads his team in the exploration of cutting edge technology including blockchain, artificial intelligence, and employing big data to propel the company forward.

Rodolph comes to this position after 7 years as Chief Financial Officer at Avio-Diepen. He brings with him a wealth of global business and finance expertise and a genuine enthusiasm for exploring all options to discover new efficiencies. He values Proponent’s open company culture and strives to engage all levels of Proponent employees for their knowledge and ideas.

His favorite part of working at Proponent is the focus on the human side of aerospace distribution. As he says, “If you care about people, you automatically care about customers.”