John Valantine headshot

John Valantine

A lifelong problem solver, John Valantine always thought he would be an engineer or a computer scientist. As Chief Information Officer, he is able to use his knack for problem solving to create valuable technology solutions for Proponent’s customers and suppliers while ensuring systems are performing as required.

John joined Proponent in 2004, and he remains energized by his colleagues’ willingness and ability to really engage with customers and suppliers, understand what challenges they are facing, and build solutions that address their specific needs.

His professional philosophy is, “Collaboration is key.” John says that, “a great technology professional must understand the ins and outs of the business that they support,” and collaborating is the only way to achieve that end. He finds inspiration in Yogi Berra’s classic quote, “When you come to a fork in the road, take it.” He knows that when searching for the right solution, you sometimes have to explore many paths to find it.