Desiree Garcia headshot

Desiree Garcia

As a 100% employee-owned company, Proponent nurtures a uniquely engaging environment where its team members directly influence the success of the company. Desiree Garcia is passionate about the role that employees play in Proponent’s growth and is dedicated to fostering an environment that reflects our values, prioritizes learning and development, and opens doors of opportunities for our valued team members.

Desiree began her time at Proponent in 2007 as an Executive Assistant and has experienced the same growth and change as Proponent has in the years since. She delights in being able to bring a sense of fun and her passion for problem solving into this dynamic and challenging role.

While her dreams of becoming the next Suzyn Waldman haven’t yet panned out, she hasn’t given up the dream entirely. Let’s just say, she knows the difference between a slider and a curveball. But until then, her passion lies in making Proponent the best place to grow an exciting and fulfilling career.