Chris Mercier headshot

Chris Mercier

Supplier Partnerships are a central component to Proponent’s goal of providing the best aerospace distribution solutions. Chris takes pride in doing whatever it takes to serve Proponent’s supplier partners beyond their expectations, and providing a broad portfolio of the highest quality products for Proponent’s customers. He joined the team in 2002, and he would gladly continue for another decade to keep building and participating in the unique employee-led culture.

Chris places great priority on listening: to customers, to suppliers, to the market, and to the company’s employee owners. He knows that great ideas can come from anywhere. When he’s not listening to those around him, Chris is listening to every kind of music he can get his hands on. He has a particular fondness for Roger Waters, for his lifetime of creativity and for his continual questioning of the status quo — both of which Chris draws inspiration from when developing innovative solutions and services for Proponent’s valued partners.