Spencer Suderman Breaks World Inverted Flat Spin Record!

Inverted Flat Spins Record

And the Kapco Global logo was along for the ride!

Last weekend in Yuma, Arizona, acrobatic pilot Spencer Suderman broke his own world record for inverted flat spins, completing 98 rotations that were verified by two officials from the Guinness Book of World Records.

Check out the video below to get a wing and pilot’s view of the event. And be sure to look closely at the space just to the right of the cockpit window – that’s where you’ll find the Kapco Global logo. We’ve been a proud sponsor of Suderman and his efforts since January 2015.

Suderman’s quest began back in March of 2014, when he took the record from Wayne Handley by just three spins to set the new record at 81. According to a television interview conducted by KMYA, however, a three-spin win was not enough, and Suderman wanted to smash the record in order to make it more difficult for future challengers.

And smash it he did. After a previous attempt back in January ended in disappointment, Suderman achieved his goal on his third try, setting the bar at 98.

Congratulations, Spencer!

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