The Role of E-Commerce in Global Aviation Parts Distribution

Supply Chain and E-Commerce

E-commerce is nothing new. Well, it’s relatively new (if you’re thinking time span), but, for most of us, it’s a part of our daily lives. More and more people are buying everything from toilet paper to Christmas gifts online (and even from our phones). A 2016 study by eMarketer indicates that by 2017 over 46% of the global population will have made an e-commerce purchase. But what exactly does this technology mean to the global commercial aircraft industry? And specifically, what has it meant for Kapco Global and aviation parts distribution?

The Impact of E-Commerce on Aviation Parts Supply and Distribution

E-commerce has been a game-changer for many industries. According to Supply Chain Quarterly, it has revolutionized the way purchases are made, has increased accuracy and efficiency across the board and has cracked open the world of B2B global distribution. In fact, research from Frost & Sullivan project global B2B sales to reach 6.7 trillion USD by 2020.

For aviation parts distribution, becoming an early adopter of e-commerce has assisted Kapco Global in:

  • Reducing transaction costs
  • Improving inventory management
  • Increasing overall productivity
  • Escalating the speed of customer purchases

The Global Impact of E-Commerce

E-commerce has opened the door for global B2B success. Now that inventory can be tracked and managed with the click of a mouse and delivered virtually anywhere in the world, customers can manage their global supply chains with the confidence of knowing their product will arrive on time wherever they need it. For the aviation industry, this enhanced reliability is critical, especially as airlines move into new markets and establish themselves as dependable brands.

E-Commerce and Kapco Global

For over 40 years, Kapco Global has serviced the aerospace industry with unbeatable supply chain support. As a major aviation parts distributor, we can attribute much of our success to changing with the times and making the most of new technology as it is made available.

As part of our continuing efforts to utilize new technology, in late 2015, Kapco Global introduced our newly designed e-commerce platform Kapco kart. Kart provides streamlined estimating, real-time order status and shipment tracking, and whenever-wherever live chats for quick Q&A’s. Using Kapco kart is easier than ever with our new video tutorials.

It’s clear that e-commerce has been a great help to our business—and to industries across the globe. Here’s to embracing whatever technology awaits us in the coming years.

More on the Kapco kart

For expanded capabilities of Kapco kart, check out these short and simple tutorials.

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