Paris Air Show Reveals Big Changes Coming to MROs

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At this year’s Paris Air Show, attendees were privy to tons of new and exciting aircraft. Lockheed Martin announced the latest in the C-130 family, the C-130J-SOF, or Super Hercules, designed for the operations of U.S. Special Forces and now available to U.S. allies. Boeing introduced the 737 Max 10, the biggest version in the 737 family of narrow-body passenger jets. And on the first day, rival Airbus secured 100 orders of the A320neo. But, aside from the latest in military and commercial aircraft, guests also had a chance to peek into the changing landscape for MROs.

Pratt & Whitney Bring Aid to MROs

Technically released earlier this year, EngineWise is Pratt & Whitney’s answer to providing better support to MROs working on aftermarket engines. The new concept provides improved predictive capabilities, as well as the ability to better tailor support needs for the roughly 10,500 engines in service around the world. Something that was discussed at this year’s Paris Air Show is that Pratt & Whitney will soon be supplying engines for the Airbus A320neo aircraft with British Airways and International Airlines Group.

Boeing Is Looking to Improve the Game

Boeing announced plans to launch a new Global Services division, aimed at taking over the responsibilities of MROs for much of its aftermarket aircraft. The new division will combine commercial and defense operations, with a goal of generating $50 billion annually in as little as five years. And this new venture plans to go beyond Boeing, making MRO services available for Airbus, Lockheed Martin and other aircrafts. And when it comes to innovation, President and CEO Stan Deal has big plans for Boeing Global Services. As Deal explained in a recent Aviation Week interview, “Last year we produced 17 new services…We’d [ultimately] like to innovate 100 ideas a year and take them to market.”

The Future for MROs

With big changes on the horizon, MROs may face new, yet unknown, challenges. Luckily, Kapco Global has the reach, dedication to customer service and pursuit of innovation to help navigate uncertain waters. No matter your MRO needs, Kapco Global is there.


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