Kapco Global Wins 2009 National ESOP Company of the Year

This May, 2009 Kapco Global attended the 32nd Annual Conference for the ESOP Association in Washington DC.  The ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan) Association is the national trade association for companies with employee stock ownership plans and the leading voice in America for employee owners.

Kapco Global belongs to the Western States Chapter of the ESOP Association and in October 2008 was named the Company of the Year by our chapter.  The recognition within our chapter was an accomplishment in itself and with this we, along with 17 regional chapter award winners were entered into the competition for the National Company of the Year Award.

On the night of May 5th Kapco Global was named the ESOP National “Company of the Year” by the Association. Additionally we were awarded the AACE (Annual Award for Communication Excellence) for “Best Printed Materials” for a Company of 250 or more.  We are very humbled and truly appreciative of these awards however we did not accomplish this alone.  The hard work that is put in by the volunteers in our Communications Committee, the support of our local chapter and the involvement with fellow ESOP companies all have had a positive impact on us and have made us the company we are today.

Kapco Global continues to be actively involved in our community and we take pride in our efforts to educate all employees on the importance of ESOP and how each individual really contributes to the success of their company.


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