Kapco Global’s Agreement with PARKER Aerospace (Shaw Aero Devices)

Kapco Global (now Proponent) is now an authorized distributor for Parker Aerospace, Fluid Systems Division (formerly Shaw Aero Devices) product.  This is a significant accomplishment as it is the first ever aftermarket distribution agreement signed by Parker Aerospace.

Parker Aerospace is committed to bringing you the same quality products that Shaw Aero Devices did. Some of the products included in this agreement are; fuel caps, valves, fuel level indicators, and other fuel system parts found in various locations (valves primarily in the lavatory) throughout Boeing, Airbus, McDonnell Douglas and Embraer Aircraft.  We are very pleased about this agreement and look forward to being a valued aviation parts distributor for Parker. For more information on this or any additional products and equipment, please contact our sales department today!

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