Kapco Global Selected as Company of the Year

Kapco Global is a 100% employee owned company and an active member of The ESOP Association. What is an ESOP? An Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) is a benefit plan which provides employees with stock in their company. Employees become Employee Owners after as little as 6 months and continue to receive stock allocations throughout their employment. Since the company is entirely owned by current and former employees, we continuously look for ways to serve our customers better and we strive to become more efficient because we all think like owners.

Kapco Global is very active in the community of Employee Owned companies. This year Kapco Global won two awards – an Annual Award for Communication Excellence (AACE) from The ESOP Association in March and on October 2nd, Kapco Global was selected as the Company of the Year by the Western States Chapter of the ESOP Association at the annual Chapter Conference. This prestigious award qualifies {kapcovaltec} to compete for the Company of the Year Award at the national level next March in Washington DC. These types of awards don’t just happen on their own and the credit for this award should go to the entire ESOP Committee, which has done a great job at improving our company’s communications about the ESOP to every employee. Particular credit should go to the current chair and vice chair of the committee, Martha Martinez and Val Mejia. We should also recognize John Valantine for preparing our entries for these competitions and the previous leadership of the committee, Kenneth Daniel and Jesse Barajas.

Our ESOP Committee is diligently working to improve our communications to and education about ESOPS to employees and their families. We are now more involved in local charities and most of these outcomes are a direct result of the efforts of the ESOP Communications Committee. We look forward to our future as a 100% employee owned company and our continued success!

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