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Kapco Global’s E-Commerce Platform Is Ready to Take Your Order. Introducing Kapco kart!

Each year, the number of businesses that use the Internet to conduct product research and make purchases online increases. Recent projections estimate spending on global business-to-business e-commerce to grow to $6.7 trillion by 2020, representing 27% of total manufacturing trade. Distributors and suppliers from any industry who ignore this trend do so at their own peril.

At Kapco Global, one of the things we’re known for is our easy-to-use e-commerce platform. In fact, we’ve been a mainstay in the aviation e-commerce industry since 2002. Our site helps individuals and businesses all over the world get the aircraft parts and supplies they need to meet stringent deadlines in a competitive and changing global market. But as we all know by now, technology is evolving at breakneck speed and there is always room for improvement.

This is why, to ensure our clients have the best sales experience possible, we’ve combined customer insight and suggestions with the latest technology to redesign and modernize our e-commerce platform for even greater speed and efficiency. The new Kapco kart retains all of the best features of our existing e-sales site, but it is also now enhanced with several new key features, including bulk search, color-coded inventory checks and a same-day shipping clock.

Information You Won’t Find Anywhere Else…

One of the most useful features of the new Kapco kart is the amount of information now at your fingertips. This expanded information makes managing same day shipping easier and faster. By searching a part number, customers have at-a-glance access to the quantities of each item we have in stock at our various warehouse locations. If the part is not currently in stock the “Date Next In” and “Quantity Due In” columns let you know when the part will become available.

Also, the kart’s quick click shopping functionality makes ordering easy. Expanded part number details and real time price break information ensures you get the right part at the best price.

All of these updates are designed to make ordering from the kart as efficient as possible. But we also know that sometimes you have questions that can only be answered by a real human being. That’s why our live chat window is always available and the contact information for your dedicated sales rep is featured on the header of every page.


Watch the Video – Kapco kart

To give you a quick introduction to all of the kart’s improvements, we’ve made a short introductory video explaining all of its most important updates, features and benefits.

We hope you have enjoyed learning about Kapco kart. We look forward to hearing your feedback and, as always, we are available for support 24/7.
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