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Adopting TRACE’s Stringent Anti-Bribery Regulations Is One More Way Kapco Global Is Meeting the Needs of Customers Worldwide

With locations in the U.S., Europe and Asia, Kapco Global, now Proponent, is an aerospace parts distributor with international reach. As we continue to develop relationships with businesses in other countries we understand the importance of commercial transparency. One of the strongest messages we want to send to our partners is that we are an aerospace company that operates within the law and adheres to a high ethical standard. To that end, Kapco Global is proud to report that we are TRACE certified.

What Is TRACE Certification?

TRACE certification is a third-party credential that is earned only after a comprehensive review of international business practices. This review includes a thorough due-diligence process in which business records are vetted for anti-bribery compliance. TRACE evaluates businesses using international benchmarking criteria and creates verified due-diligence reports that partners can access to ensure standards are met.

As the global aerospace market continues to evolve, Kapco Global (Proponent) intends to be a trusted partner in each country we enter. Becoming TRACE-certified is one way we can show our business affiliates that we are dedicated to commercial transparency and lawful business practices. TRACE certification shows Kapco Global’s willingness and ability to reduce risk by performing due diligence in all transactions.

With a TRACE certification Kapco Global receives compliance credentials highlighting key differences between us and our competitors. This certification is widely recognized by the international business community and Kapco Global is proud to be a part of the TRACE community.

Because Kapco Global now has TRACE Certification we’re able to share our due diligence compliance reports with an unlimited number of business partners annually. We’re committed to increasing our focus on supply chain compliance and anti-bribery due diligence.

Commercial Transparency – Why Is It Important?

Commercial transparency in the U.S. and abroad is important because it is one of the most effective ways to curtail corruption both in government and private enterprise. According to the nonprofit organization, Transparency International, corruption hurts people, businesses and government in a number of ways, including depleting national wealth, upsetting the effectiveness of democratic political systems, negatively impacting public trust, and undermining environmental regulations.

Commercial transparency, including strong anti-bribery initiatives, helps multinational companies and businesses prove their worth as a trusted partner, sets an example in the international business community and sends a message to less transparent businesses that high ethical standards are not only important, they are essential.

Kapco Global – Employee-Owned, Ethically Minded

Recently, we sent out a press release detailing our commitment to meeting anti-bribery and international commercial transparency standards. In it, Kapco Global president and CEO Andrew Todhunter stated:

“TRACE certification reinforces our commitment to our customers and suppliers around the globe. The TRACE certificate provides companies with the added confidence and transparency that they are looking for when selecting a distribution solutions partner. As an employee-owned company, we believe in the importance of conducting business lawfully, and becoming TRACE-certified communicates to our current and future customers that we are as committed as ever to doing business ethically.”

Read the full press release here: https://www.prweb.com/releases/2016/02/prweb13207717.htm

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