Kapco Expertise Tapped for Story on Warehouse Productivity

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Increased warehouse productivity should be an ongoing objective for every component supplier and MRO provider. An efficient, organized operation means lower operating costs, happier customers and a safer work environment. As a global distribution firm specializing in aircraft MRO components and supply chain management, here at Kapco Global, we’ve learned a few tricks for increasing productivity, and we’ve been fortunate enough to have our expertise recognized by the greater warehousing and supply chain community.

In fact, just this month, our expertise was featured in a story on the Camcode business blog. Camcode, which provides inventory management barcode labels and tags, asked a panel of 15 warehousing and logistics professionals to answer the following question, “What is the single most effective way a business can increase warehouse productivity?”

The answers ranged from having great management to making better use of vertical space to tracking key inventory metrics. The Kapco Global contribution focused on what we believe is one of the most practical physical systems available for keeping MRO processes streamlined and efficient—custom kitting.

We’ve written about kitting before here on the KG blog, and we were happy to share our expertise with a wider audience, because even though our focus is on aircraft MRO, the underlying organizational principle of kitting applies to a broad array of inventory management situations.

Here’s what we had to say for the Camcode piece:

“The best way to increase warehouse productivity is…”

“By implementing custom kitting strategies. Grouping and bagging components that are often used together into custom kits can help reduce inventory handling time and make better use of warehouse storage space. For businesses that regularly perform the same types of repairs and procedures, custom kitting can help to cut down on time-consuming errors and make the inventory management process more fluid under stringent deadlines.”

And it’s as true today as it has ever been. As distribution and supply chain management specialists, we are advocates of this method, and we work with our MRO customers to produce custom kits that help them operate efficiently every single day.

For more information on custom kitting and how Kapco Global uses this strategy to provide world-class service to aircraft MRO providers, read the full story here: MRO Efficiency Watch: Custom Kitting.

And special thanks to Camcode for including us in its panel of experts!

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