Global Aircraft Parts Suppliers—Getting You What You Need On Time

Green aircraft traveling around the globe graphic

In the aviation business, time is of the essence. Whether a plane is transferring critical medical personnel, evacuating stranded tourists from a hurricane-impacted resort or meeting the rigors of a demanding holiday flight schedule, the contracted aviation company must be ready to meet the conditions and deadlines set forth by the client and the situation.

Waiting too long for aircraft parts can begin a chain reaction of delays that can cause a loss of business and reputation. That’s why, when contracting with an aviation parts supplier, it’s important to search out and find one with a history of dependability, that has what you need in stock at a nearby location for quick delivery.

At Kapco Global, we recommend that, when vetting aircraft parts suppliers, you keep the following in mind:

1. What is the distance between the supplier’s inventory locations and the geographic areas you service? You may have a great supplier in the United States or Europe, but what if you need a part after you land that first flight to Asia? A delayed return because your part is hung up in Customs could cost you.

2. How many different parts of the plane does an aircraft parts supplier service? Is it worth going to different suppliers for sensors, cabin interiors or precision mechanical parts? Consider an aviation parts supplier that provides a multitude of parts. It will streamline your ordering and billing, and you may be able to negotiate a better rate if you agree to an exclusive supply contract.

3. A company’s past behavior is the best indication of its future behavior. Talk to your industry peers and find out what their experience has been like working with the companies you are considering.

4. Who are the parts manufacturers that your supplier works with? Are they the best in the business? They better be.

In a deadline-driven business, your reputation can hinge on the timeliness of your parts supplier. Don’t leave it to chance.

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