Avio-Diepen, a Proponent Company, Divesting Joint Venture with ADPma LLC

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Avio-Diepen, a Proponent company, is pleased to announce the sale of all its shares in Tennessee based joint venture ADPma. The shares owned by Avio-Diepen were sold to the existing shareholders of ADPma LLC. The joint venture was originally established in 2002. Due to a changing market environment, Avio-Diepen took a more remote position from the venture back in 2012 and allowed the business to prosper independently which served both companies well.

“After the acquisition of Avio-Diepen by Kapco Global and subsequent formation of the new company Proponent, we jointly determined that it was in ADPma’s best interest to pursue a new path independent of Proponent,” explains Proponent Global CEO and President Andrew Todhunter. “We had been successful in our cooperation with our joint venture partners and we wish them all the best for the future.”

About Proponent
Proponent is a leading independent global aerospace parts distribution business headquartered in Brea, California. As well as providing traditional distribution services to airlines, MROs, and OEMs, the company also provides a range of inventory management solutions designed to reduce operating costs and improve supply chain performance. The company’s focus is on providing outstanding quality and value by better understanding its customers and delivering time-based service advantages.

About ADPma
ADPma is a leading Aerospace engineering and manufacturing company specializing in FAA-PMA aftermarket replacement parts and components for the commercial aviation industry. ADPma was formed in 2001 by a small faculty of engineers representing decades of experience in the disciplines of design, engineering, quality, and manufacturing. Lean and adaptive, ADPma’s mission is to deliver innovative and high-value solutions to airline operators, maintenance service providers, and OEMs globally.

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