How Customized Solutions Can Drive Supply Chain Success

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The aerospace industry is built on continually overcoming impossible odds. Some of these challenges are resolved with state-of-the-art engineering. But the solutions you don’t hear about as much are the day-to-day supply chain solutions that solve the more practical needs of bringing together the elements that allow the aerospace industry to continue moving forward seamlessly. A big difference between these two situations is that in the former, customized solutions are the norm and in the latter, they are the exception.

The difference between the right solution and the almost right solution could mean the difference between an operational aircraft and an AOG – and that could be a difference of millions of dollars and a lot of headaches.

Unique Challenges, Unique Solutions

Each airline, original equipment manufacturer (OEM), and maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) company faces unique challenges; and each company approaches its solutions differently, which is exactly why aerospace distributors should work hard to learn the specific needs of each supplier and customer, and be prepared to work with their clients to create solutions tailored to those needs. Here at Kapco Global, a Proponent company, we firmly believe that an aircraft parts distributor should be flexible with its offerings, creative with its solutions and always strive to add value to the parts it supplies.

One Size Doesn’t Fit All

Good supply chain management requires careful forethought, precise planning and reliable execution.

But great supply chain management should also include innovative customized solutions to ensure that the needs of the client are being met.

Aerospace is a complex, multifaceted industry. It doesn’t make sense that the solution that works for one aerospace company should work for another.

Customized Solutions to Better Serve Your Clients

To best serve the unique needs of each manufacturer and client we work with, Kapco Global treats every interaction as an opportunity to learn more about the specifics of the project at hand. We think the simple act of listening is the key to creating happy clients. And a funny thing happens when you listen: your customers tell you exactly what they need from you. This has led to a number of innovative offerings.

Customized product kitting gathers together all the parts you need for periodic maintenance tasks, to save you clicks, time and hassle.

We offer warehousing and stocking solutions to lower your overhead. We’ll house all of the parts you need until you actually need them.  With automated inventory replenishment, you’ll save time, money and resources.

Our vendor consolidation service puts Kapco Global purchasing experts in the driver’s seat, getting you the parts you need from world-class manufacturers. We want to be your one-stop shop!

Learning From Our Clients

Whenever we create a solution that works for one client, we document it. When we have a client facing a similar challenge, we can refer to the previous solution as a starting point. And when we have a client facing a challenge we’ve never seen before, we get extra excited about how many other clients will benefit from the solution we create!

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