China: The Future of the Commercial Aircraft Industry

Commercial airline flying over Shanghai

In early May, China’s own commercial aircraft, the Comac C919, successfully completed an hour-long flight test—the first to be done within the public eye. While the test marks only the very beginning of China’s entry as a manufacturer into commercial aircraft markets, it signifies the coming importance the region will have on the future of the aviation industry.

Business Is Booming (Especially for China)

According to The Edge Markets, by 2024 China will overtake the United States as the world’s largest aviation market, with a future estimated value of more than one trillion dollars. As a result, leasing companies and airlines are stepping up their commercial aircraft orders. At this year’s Paris Air Show, Boeing secured roughly $75 billion in orders, while Airbus shored up $35 billion. Of those, 10 of Boeing’s 737 Max 10 jets were reserved for China’s Xiamen Airlines, eight for China’s Okay Airways (while another seven 737 Max 8s also went to Okay Airways) and another 50 for China Aircraft Leasing. All of these orders were sought to prepare airlines for the rapid uptick in commercial flights expected in the next decade.

Asian-Pacific MRO Preparation Is Underway

Just this month, Boeing announced plans to partner with China Airlines in developing its maintenance, repair and overhaul capabilities. The plan is to prepare the Taiwan-centered airline for the upcoming needs of Boeing aircraft, including highly trained service personnel. Additionally, Boeing has pledged to assist the MRO wing of China Airlines to become an approved Boeing aircraft parts supplier for Asia-Pacific. This partnership further integrates Boeing as the go-to commercial aircraft supplier for the region, while poising China Airlines as an influential leader.

Global Expansion Means Sink or Swim for Distributors

As the reach of the commercial aircraft industry continues to expand, aircraft parts distributors must be ready to tackle supply needs across the globe. This requires a reputation for timely and accurate delivery MROs and OEMs can rely on, along with an existing global footprint. Kapco Global now operates from 12 facilities located across the globe. Our easy online ordering through Kapco kart gives customers access to real-time inventory figures, bulk order discounts, order invoices, parts certifications and more. Most importantly, our 45-year history speaks to our commitment to our customers. In an ever-expanding aviation industry, we’ve found that having these benefits and values already in place equals great success—for Kapco Global and for the aviation customers we service.

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