Vincent is a seasoned professional with a diverse background and a passion for sustainability and innovation. Vincent embarked on a journey that blends military service, legal education, and a remarkable career in the aerospace industry.

After completing mandatory military service at the Green Berets, Vincent earned a degree in Law from the State University of Groningen. The professional trajectory took off at Fokker Space, where he specialized in selling solar panels for space applications. From there, he transitioned to Fokker Aircraft, assuming responsibilities for non-aircraft part purchases and later overseeing the sub-assembly line as a member of the Management Team at Fokker Schiphol.

In January 1991, Vincent became the Managing Director of Avio-Diepen, marking a significant chapter in his career. With a tenure spanning over two decades on the board of the Netherlands Aerospace Group (NAG), he played a pivotal role as treasurer for the last 15 years.

Since joining the board in May 2016, just after signing the SPA, Vincent has been an integral part of the organization. Although he holds no specific position in a sub-committee, he contributes valuable insights as a dedicated board member.

Beyond the aerospace industry, Vincent is actively involved in various boards and start-ups, showcasing his commitment to innovation and entrepreneurship. Notable involvements include Sasmos HET Technology Ltd, an Indian company specializing in aerospace and defense cable harnesses, as well as ventures such as Specto Aerospace, Ioniqa, Aqua-Spark, EcoEnterprises, Nattergale, and Viridi.

Vincent possesses a unique set of skills and experiences, notably his entrepreneurial spirit and success in the MBO of Avio-Diepen from Fokker Aircraft. His journey includes transforming Avio-Diepen from a small regional player into one of the leading aerospace distributors.

Above all, Vincent is driven by a profound passion for sustainability and actively engages in activities to make life on the planet more sustainable. This commitment is deeply rooted in a sense of responsibility to future generations as he strives to leave a lasting legacy for his children and grandchildren.