Gene has extensive experience in finance, administration, investments, and general business consulting. He earned a BSBA from Denver University and later pursued an MBA from the University of Southern California, laying a solid foundation for a distinguished career.

Since 2005, Gene has been a dedicated member of the Proponent Board of Directors, where he currently serves as the Chairman of the Audit Committee. He brings a wealth of expertise to board governance and financial oversight.

Throughout his career, Gene has held director positions on several notable boards, including Alpharel, Inc. (1983-1988), Stac Electronics, Inc. (1985-1990), Meguiars, Inc. (1985-1994), Mission Aviation Fellowship (1986-1994), and the International Bible Society Foundation (1999-2007, later renamed Biblica). His contributions have left a lasting impact on diverse organizations spanning technology, aviation, and philanthropy.

With a skill set encompassing finance, administration, investments, and general business consulting, Gene is recognized for his strategic insights and leadership acumen. He has been a trusted advisor, contributing to the success and growth of various enterprises.

Beyond the professional realm, Gene is deeply passionate about faith, family, and friends. He embodies the ethos of “doing the right things and doing things right,” reflecting a commitment to ethical values and excellence in all endeavors.