Andrew brings over 35 years of highly successful operating experience to the table, with a focus on large consumer internet brands such as, LinkedIn, Hilton, Bank of America, and many others. His expertise spans diverse sectors, including B2B SaaS, manufacturing, and industrial businesses. Andrew is not only a seasoned executive but also a proven leader in various capacities, excelling as a board member, advisor, and coach.

In his illustrious career, Andrew has demonstrated specific prowess in marketing, product development, engineering, operations, customer support, and the creation and leadership of successful sales teams. He has played instrumental roles in numerous Private Equity, IPO, and acquisition exits, showcasing his versatility and strategic acumen.

Andrew joined the Proponent Board in May of 2005 and currently serves on the compensation committee, contributing valuable insights to the organization’s governance and strategic direction. His involvement extends beyond Proponent, as he also sits on the boards of Fender, Tractive, Gametime,, Intellium, and Pathstream, showcasing his broad engagement in diverse industries.

Possessing unique skills and experience in digital marketing, product development, and global operations, Andrew stands out as a multifaceted leader. His impressive credentials include successfully exiting seven companies, including two IPOs, solidifying his reputation as a recognized expert in consumer subscription models.

Beyond his professional achievements, Andrew takes pride in his role as a husband, father, son, pilot, and athlete. His passions extend to helping others fulfill their potential, aviation, and the maintenance and restoration of vintage aircraft and automobiles. Andrew’s dedication to both his professional and personal pursuits underscore his commitment to excellence and a well-rounded life.