Aviation Buyers, Your Life Is About to Get Easier!

Coming Soon: Kapco kart – The Aviation Industry’s Most Efficient Part Ordering Website

In the aviation industry, time matters. Supply chain management is critical to meeting deadlines, and airline and MRO buyers are one of the most important links in the chain. For years, the Kapco Global E-Sales site has provided airline and MRO buyers with the support they need to efficiently purchase parts.

And while Kapco Global’s E-Sales site is renowned for being comprehensive and easy to use, we are always looking for ways to better serve our customers. Because of this, we saw room for improvement.

Introducing the Kapco kart

The Kapco kart will continue to provide all of the features and benefits that aviation buyers love best about our current E-Sales site, but with some very exciting and notable MRO solutions.

Here are a few of the Kapco kart highlights that are coming soon:

24/7 Access to Purchase Orders, History and Certifications

One of the most exciting functions added to the Kapco kart is the easy-nav history page. Now wherever you are, no matter what time zone you are in, you can access, view, print and save the documents you need in real time. This is, of course, an added value benefit to our famous 24/7 customer support contact line; so if you still have questions, we’ve always got real people standing by to help.

Color-Coded Search Results

MRO buyers need real-time stock information. That’s why we’ve color-coded our inventory stats. You can now determine item availability in an instant.

  • Orange means that the part is out of stock.
  • Blue means the part is in stock and ready to go.

Plus, our new “time left” feature shows just how much time you have remaining for same-day shipping.

Expanded Bulk Search Capability

To better serve the needs of MRO buyers under crunching time constraints, the Kapco kart bulk search feature allows up to 500 item searches at once. The Excel copy/paste function makes finding the information you need easier and quicker.

Easier Navigation

With the Kapco kart, your Account Overview, Customer Relationship Manager and Account Receivables Contact are featured on a header, which remains onscreen throughout the sales or research process to ensure the information you need is readily available. With the Kapco kart, you never have to leave the page you’re on to find account details and phone numbers.

These are just a few of the many added benefits of the Kapco kart, and we look forward to providing our buyers with an ordering and purchasing process that is quick and comprehensive. In the coming weeks leading up to site launch, we will provide a video overview with more details and easy-to-follow guidelines.

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