Kapco Global is Now in Amsterdam

Amsterdam Canals

At Kapco Global, our singular mission is to provide the aircraft parts, supplies and services that our clients need to make their businesses thrive. To this end, we have invested considerable time and research into discovering customers’ expectations and priorities—after all, if they don’t succeed, neither do we. Through this effort we have found that one element stands out among all others, and that is the continual development of timeliness—of product deliveries, of inventory schedules and of communication.

This makes sense, of course, because while our customers are concerned with delivering quality maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) services to their client base, quality service will not suffice if it’s not delivered on deadline. MRO is a time sensitive business, and with the global reach of businesses in this modern age, it’s more important than ever that each link in the supply chain be positioned to meet the stringent time constraints of a far bigger playing field.

Over the past several years, Kapco Global has made considerable efforts to develop an international presence in order to meet the needs of our clients. One such effort is our expansion into the Netherlands. Our Amsterdam facility is strategically positioned to supply our European constituents with the fastest turnaround of aircraft parts possible. Recently, we moved this facility to a larger building to accommodate the region’s growing demand; while it’s location, just a few miles from Schiphol International Airport, allows for an average delivery time of 24 hours or less throughout Western Europe.

Kapco’s Amsterdam facility also houses our most comprehensive inventory of aircraft parts and supplies on the continent. We have conducted extensive analysis to determine what components are ordered at what frequency throughout the seasons and have developed an inventory schedule which ensures that the items our clients need are always on hand and ready for shipment at a moment’s notice. This location not only provides enhanced delivery speeds, it also allows us to offer our catalog of aircraft parts and supplies with reduced shipping costs—which as anyone in this business knows, add up fast.

From seals to connectors, MRO providers with European interests can depend on Kapco Global to be at the ready. To learn more about how Kapco can help your MRO operation compete globally, contact a sales person today.

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