Value-Added Distributor VS Value-Added Reseller

Value Added Aerospace Distributor

Price, availability, quality. This trio is familiar to the aerospace distribution community. These are the criteria that most OEMs, MROs and airlines use to determine which aircraft parts distributor they use for a given transaction. But for value-added distributors, the focus is less on the price, availability and quality of aircraft parts, and more on supplementing those components with beneficial services and solutions that will create long-lasting customer relationships.

What Is a Value-Added Distributor?

A value-added distributor (VAD) not only provides pick, pack and ship services for the products they sell, but also offers differentiating services and solutions that provide additional benefits to their clients. There are many ways to do this, but here at Kapco Global (a Proponent company), we have worked for many years to deliver innovative solutions along with our parts, and we’d like to share some of the principles that have been helpful for us, our suppliers and our clients.

Set Your Customers Up for Success

Before the sales process even begins, value-added distributors make sure that their customers are set up for success. There are simple ways to add value to the customer experience by putting yourself in their shoes. Take the time to build your website so that it’s easy to find, easy to navigate and easy to understand. Make sure your product ordering process is intuitive and painless. Placing the customer first helps to keep the focus on providing value above and beyond the products you offer.

Technology Can Be a Great Tool

One way to provide added benefits to the customer experience is by utilizing technology. At Kapco Global, we use our e-commerce platform, Kapco kart, to make the ordering process easier. We give our customers access to real-time inventory figures, bulk-purchasing discounts and a same-day shipping clock. Our customers can also use the platform to download essential documents and certifications. But make no mistake: while technology can provide benefits to customers, it will never replace customer service.

The Secret to Great Customer Service Is Listening

To provide excellent customer service and support, the first step is listening. Value-added distributors understand that this is an absolute necessity. The goal of a VAD is to have the customer experience continue to get better with each interaction. At Kapco Global, we listen to our customers because we know that by understanding your unique challenges more clearly, we’ll be able to provide solutions that anticipate and address your specific needs.

Innovative Services and Solutions Add Value

So, what services and solutions have resulted from listening to our customers?

  • Custom Kitting: We group together the components you need for specific maintenance or repair procedures, so you only have to click once, saving you time and hassle.
  • Product Stocking Solutions: You know you’re going to need certain parts eventually. But why go to the trouble of storing them before you need them? Let us be your warehouse and deliver the parts – quickly and efficiently – only once you need them.
  • Vendor Consolidation: We know it’s easier for you to go to one website, talk to one salesperson, and keep one aerospace distributor at the front of your mind. We work hard to stock all the parts that you need, so you can rely on Kapco Global to be your aerospace distribution company.
  • Customized Supply Chain Solutions: Your challenges are unique. We pride ourselves on our agility, so that we can work with you to find solutions that are tailored to your needs.

Customer-Centered Distribution

Value-added distribution is a great way to shift the focus of your business toward the customer. It can help you find inspiration, drive innovation and build your reputation. And it will almost certainly result in many happy customers.

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