Proponent is a value-led organization. We aim to provide the ultimate value to our customers and suppliers, and we hold our core company values sacred.

Our core values of empathy, intelligence, agility and integrity can be summed up in the following unofficial company motto: Proponent strives to be a trusted partner, delivering innovative solutions in an engaging work environment.

A Trusted Partner

Our highest goal is to serve our suppliers and customers beyond their expectations. We treat every interaction as an opportunity to learn more about our clients and to provide customer-centered service with a personal touch.

Delivering Innovative Solutions

Being 100% employee-owned means that Proponent has the independence and flexibility to make long-term decisions that benefit you, our suppliers and customers. Proponent is set up to be agile and creative so that we can offer innovative services and solutions tailored to each client’s specific objectives.

In an Engaging Work Environment

Proponent provides a unique and engaging employee-driven work environment. We value the perspective and creativity of each and every employee, encouraging their feedback and involvement whenever possible. It is an honor and a privilege to invest in our employees, providing plenty of opportunities for advancement and professional development.



Proponent is committed to using energy and natural resources efficiently and minimizing our impact on the environment.

With a history dating back to the early days of commercial aviation, we naturally maintain a long-term view of our business and its role in the community. Even when the economic payback of certain initiatives is quite long, we are willing to invest in improved environmental practices to ensure continuous improvement.

In the last several years, Proponent has significantly reduced its generation of landfill materials and its electrical usage, and significantly increased the volume of materials recycled. Proponent has been ISO 14001-compliant since 2010. In 2011, we introduced “closed-loop” water processing equipment to our machine shop to reduce water consumption and eliminate any waste products that might be introduced into the sewer system. In 2013, we installed new high-efficiency lighting and motion-detection systems in multiple warehouses to reduce overall electrical consumption.

We strive to contribute to a clean, safe, healthy environment – now and in the future.

To learn more about how Proponent is participating in the green aviation movement, visit our blog.



The Board of Directors has adopted the following principles of corporate governance:

  • A majority of the Proponent board members will be independent directors. This requirement will be waived when there is a board vacancy caused by the resignation, death, incapacity or removal of a director.
  • All directors are selected on the basis of their ability to contribute to positive corporate governance through their values, knowledge and skills.
  • The Board of Directors has established a committee of independent directors who are responsible for overseeing the audit functions and financial reporting compliance of Proponent (the “Audit Committee”). Members of the Committee have the skills, experience and financial expertise to fulfill this function.
  • The Board of Directors has established a committee of independent directors who are responsible for overseeing executive compensation and evaluating the performance of senior executives (the “Compensation Committee”).
  • The Board of Directors and committees have the authority to directly hire external consultants as needed to properly fulfill their responsibilities. The Board of Directors has reviewed and approved the Proponent Code of Business Conduct.
  • The Board of Directors has created an environment to promote effective corporate governance and to represent the interests of the shareholders in all matters.
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