Carpet tapes are used to adhere aircraft floor coverings such as carpet, padding and galley mats to aircraft flooring. There is no residue when removed from aircraft floor surface.

Meets the latest EU REACH, US EPA and Boeing environmental safety requirements.


  • Lightweight Construction
  • OT-40N Is much Lighter Than Standard Cloth Carpet Tapes
  • High Strength Flame Retardant Adhesive Bonds Well To Surfaces
  • OT-40N Is Repositionable & Clean Removable
  • For Carpet & Non-Textile Flooring Installation On Interior Floors & Stairs Of Aircraft
  • Certifications: FAR 25.853 (a), Boeing: BMS5-133
  • Differential Adhesive – High Tack adhesive on Liner Side & Less Tacky Adhesive on exposed Side to adhere to the floorboard
  • Environmentally-Friendly – Meets the latest EU REACH, US EPA and Boeing environmental safety requirements
  • Meets FAA Requirements For Use In Aircraft
  • Made in USA


  • Quick removal due to differential tack
  • Leaves no residue after removal
  • Saves labor hours
  • Less stocking space required
    • 60YD rolls are using the same or similar boxes as packaging both holding 24 rolls for a 2″ width.
PropertiesValueTest Method
Weight5.0 oz./sq. yd., max. | 170 g/m2, max.
4.5 oz./sq. yd., typical | 153 g/m2, typical
Peel Strength
Side 1 (Dark Gray)2.0 lbs./in., min. | 8.8 N/25 mm., min.LTM 14,
180o Peel-Aluminum
Side 2 (Black)5.0 lbs./in., min. | 21.8 N/25 mm., min.LTM 14,
180o Peel-Aluminum
Lap Shear Strength30 lbs./in., min. | 132 N/25 mm., min.LTM 70
Side 2, Black
Tensile Strength20.0 lbs./in., min. | 88 N/25 mm., min.LTM 23
Flammability, Tape onlyPassLTM 11C:
Vertical Burn Test (12 secs)
Specifications l Shelf LiveFAR 25.853, FAR 25.855 | 36 months
BMS5-133 Type IV, Class 1 | 36 months
BAMS 535-002 | 60 months
Environmental Regulations ComplianceEU REACH, US EPA; Boeing BDM-1712, RoHS
Standard Roll Length60 yard (55 meters)
Standard Roll Width2 and 3 inches (50.8 and 76.2 mm)
Custom widths available on request
ColorSide 1: Dark Gray
Side 2: Black

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