Proponent Technical Services

Proponent Technical Services is a supplier-based strategic business unit providing FAA approved spare parts solutions through PMA, STC and Repair.  We manage and support exclusive aftermarket product lines, including Koito Manufacturing, Talon LED Lighting and IFPL. We are able to provide PMA development for suppliers, as well as help suppliers obtain and maintain their aftermarket approvals.

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Your FAA Approval Partner

With over 25 years of experience, Proponent Technical Services has evolved to support our OEM partners and industry customers.
Our extensive experience includes lighting, cabin and cockpit components, seals, non-critical engine components, and more. We offer exchange and repair services, with each repaired unit returned to service with a dual-release airworthiness approval tag.

About Us

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What Makes Us Unique?

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Production Approval

Being an FAA-approved Production Approval Holder allows us to design and develop PMA and STC products that provide substantial cost savings over the OEM part, without sacrificing quality or safety of the replacement article. Our FAA and EASA approved Part 145 repair station allows us to repair and exchange a variety of unique line repairable units and provide return to service authorization.  Our ISO9001 and AS9100D certified quality system allows us to maintain a high level of quality control of our after-market products as is demanded by the aerospace industry.  Our long good-standing relationship with the FAA shows that we are recognized as a trustworthy supplier of modification and replacement parts for the civil aviation industry.

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Unsurpassed Approval Ratings

Proponent Technical Services is PMA-approved for over 1500 parts and over 3200 subparts, with over 1000 identicality-rated. We support over 300 types of repairs and hold 7 supplemental type certificates.
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Engineering Capabilities

Our core competencies include reverse engineering, dimensional analysis and material selection, and technical and product support. Our aerospace and mechanical engineering staff is ready to support CAD development, 3D printing, and engineering data package development.

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PMA Approvals

We work with suppliers around the world to secure the necessary FAA approvals. Additionally, we can hold those approvals on behalf of a supplier. These options enable suppliers to meet FAA requirements for their parts.