MRO Case Study Using ProCart

Jet engine cover is open for crews to perform maintenance

We know that MRO activities are key to the success of your aviation business. To meet the needs of our MRO customers, we work with them to help meet their specific requirements, as demonstrated in the following case study.


Aerospace procurement and supply chain automation processes are often unique and complex within different business types and segments. Datadriven planning and strategy decisions in creating effective automated workflows typically span multiple functions, and 24/7 live data availability and time-bound synchronization of all activities are extremely critical.

Our MRO customer came to us with a specific problem they needed to solve: Prioritize reducing costs and risks to meet all their procurement business operational needs. The MRO reached out to Proponent because they were aware of the procurement solutions and large network of suppliers Proponent offered that could potentially create a simpler, guided buying experience.


Proponent collaborated with our MRO customer to develop a strong understanding of the multiple procurement models used for their priorities and business goals. By creating noncomplex rebate agreements cording with supplier agreements, tracking customer purchases against those agreements, and managing accruals and rebate analysis on time.

From there, we worked closely with our MRO customer by sharing detailed data, researching insights, and developing better workflows utilizing Proponent’s global procurement network for better cost control and a more efficient procurement process.


Reduce procurement operating costs

Consolidate level of spending and realize a minimum savings of 2%

Increase procurement insights

  • Get alerted with accurate budget planned vs actual spending analysis.
  • Flexibility of any specific quantity purchases while remaining consistent and in complete control of delivery times.

Improve procurement compliance satisfactions

  • Gain full control over all purchasing compliance requirements.
  • In-line with customer’s policy and without overcomplicating any procedure.


Implemented Proponent ProCart

Simplified ordering process.

100% real time procurement purchasing and historical data.

Visibility on all compliance requirements.

Shipment tracking.

Improved Productivity and 

Reduced manual effort with replacement of ProCart leading to faster ordering and accuracy.

Shared Live Data Resources

Shared resources as part of supplier collaboration to bridging the gaps in procurement and supply chain automation process with increased visibility across the entire procurement and RFQ cycle leading to better management of procurement cash flows and warehouse inventory levels.

Proactive Compliance Solution

Organized day-to-day compliance procedures in real-time, which lowered risk management.

A man works on a tablet, during maintenance on a jet engine


By utilizing much of the functionality in ProCart, Proponent has helped the MRO customer find the right procurement strategy that allows them better supply chain visibility, procurement RFQ management, and automated historical data to build intelligent workfl ows. Thus, allowing them to reduce their costs by nearly 3 percent. Our MRO customer’s procurement business operations now have access to a global procurement network that is more agile, effi cient, and better equipped to meet today’s challenges. 

With Proponent’s industry leading procurement management solution, you can trust and simplify all your end-to-end business procurement requirements with Proponent ProCart as one single, integrated systematic solution ready for you at any time and from anywhere in the world.