Ni-Cd & Ultra Low Maintenance Batteries

Aircraft batteries are critical to aircraft safety and operation. Saft’s proven Ni-Cd and Li-ion battery solutions provide high-peak power for autonomous engine or APU starting, essential on the ground and especially important in the event of an in-flight engine flame-out. The batteries also provide back-up power in case of an in-flight electrical generation system failure, where the battery must be able to supply the energy for essential avionic instruments until landing.

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Your Battery Is a Flight Critical Component.

With more than 400 different battery designs to suit virtually every requirement, Saft batteries are optimized for energy and power, guaranteeing integration with aircraft or helicopter electrical system architecture. Saft batteries are the standard for nearly all major aircraft OEMs and are designed for each specific application with OEM specifications.

Saft’s Ni-Cd batteries have several advantages over Lead-Acid batteries: They are more reliable and safe (no ‘sudden death’), have a higher performance for engine and APU start-up, last longer and are more environmentally friendly.

Saft’s Ultra Low Maintenance (ULM®) technology are the latest Ni-Cd generation batteries which cut the need for maintenance events in half while providing the same performance and quality. The Saft ULM® batteries are directly interchangeable with standard products in form, fit and function.

Saft Batteries – Reliable by Design:

1. Intelligent: Temperature sensor along with Saft’s superior separator design prevent any risk of thermal runaway
2. Long-lasting: High quality proprietary membrane and separator used to extend service life
3. Safe: Nylon vent valves avoid safety hazards
4. Robust: Will recover from the most abusive conditions including deep discharge
5. Durable: Nickel-plated copper tell links and terminals for maximum durability
6. Protective: Leak-proof thermo-welded cells protect aircraft structure
7. Efficient: Seam-welded plate tab ensure efficient energy transfer
8. Easy: Cells designed to allow for easy individual exchange instead of replacing the entire battery
9. Tough: Maintenance-free stainless steel case provides extreme toughness

Saft Ni-Cd Batteries

  • Replacement for OEM-line fit or retrofit to upgrade from Lead-Acid
  • For commercial, regional and business jet applications

Saft ULM®

  • For the lowest total cost of ownership
  • Direct interchangeable in form, fit and function

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