Operational Updates –
Coronavirus (COVID-19)


In times of uncertainty, there is a heightened need to be vigilant against fraudsters. Please note that our banking information has not recently changed. Should we ever change our banking details, we will contact you via multiple forms of communication to confirm any change.


FedEx has just informed their customers that they will be implementing a temporary surcharge on all FedEx Express international parcel and freight shipments beginning April 6th. Below is a direct link to their surcharge details.

UPS will have a temporary peak surcharge that will apply to UPS Worldwide Express, UPS Worldwide Express Freight and UPS Expedited shipments originating from China Mainland and Hong Kong SAR to North America and Europe Regions from April 5, 2020 until further notice.

We will be abiding by both companies’ new rates.



With large parts of global fleets grounded, over the coming weeks and months, we expect to see more and more aircraft returning to service. This will create an increase in maintenance work. We’re here to support you with materials and supplies, as well as kits that can help to streamline this work and make your processes more efficient.

  • Seals: Common Seals After R&I for Inspection
  • Other Critical Parts Such as Sensors
  • Filters
  • O2 Oxygen Masks & Generators
  • Gore Products
  • IFE Products
  • Seat-Related Products
  • Schneller Decorative Laminates


As the general public begins to fly again, airlines face twin challenges: protecting the health of crew and passengers, and regaining the trust of passengers who are nervous to fly. Proponent is working to evaluate, acquire and distribute the best and most effective technologies to address these challenges.

  • Switlik Face Shield
  • UV Based Sanitation Carts
  • Ozone Solution
  • Surface Disinfectant
  • Masks
  • Gloves
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Universal Precautions Kits


Many airlines are converting passenger planes into cargo transport due to current demand. At Proponent, we offer a range of options to support these conversions, as well as expert advice in maximizing ROI and limiting expenses during the process.

  • Ancra Cargo Nets, Straps and Fittings
  • Conversion Kits (to fix cargo & pallets on to the seat tracks)
  • Protective Seat Covers
  • Umlaut Fire Extinguishers
  • Essex Smoke Hoods
  • Carpet Tapes
  • Non Textile Flooring


Airline revenue has dropped significantly since the crisis began, and airlines across the globe are facing cashflow challenges. We’re working with our suppliers and partners to find new options to get you the parts and supplies you need, while recognizing the importance of preserving cash flow.

  • Optimize your Purchasing and Inventory Decisions (burndown strategies, supply chain optimization, freight optimization, etc.)
  • Stock Consignment

Get in touch to let us know how we can help you.


While we expect some supplier production stoppages or reduced capacity, we continue to have sufficient inventory for our regularly stocked product and will be able to serve our customers. We will notify customers of impacts on orders when they occur and will maintain as accurate lead times as possible given the information we receive from our suppliers.

As new information becomes available we will continue to update this page with the latest changes. Please feel free to check back daily for the newest updates.


SupplierLocationCage Code(s)Product Line DetailStatus
Auxitrol WestonFranceCFM56 partsProduction slowly starting up
Collins Aerospace Lighting SolutionsUS59579Sky Interior LightingDelays expected, will be notified when delayed
CrouzetFranceFAX02Circuit breakers, Sensors & SwitchesDelays expected, forecast needs to be firmed up to orders
GigavacProduction closed - no information on when they will resume
GlenairUKClosure from April 6th until at least May 4th, but shipping & receiving
Interiorsdirect GMBHGermanyExtended lead times and delays are expected
ITT EnidineUSFacility will be closed from June 1st to June 5th
Lamart Corporation (formerly Orcon)Mexico4TXS8Mexico facility closed. All blanket production affected. Components such as cover film, tape, and fiberglass still available.
Leach International EuropeFranceProduction facilities in France operating at 30% capacity
Le Joint FrancaisFrance,UKO-ringsProduction facility temporarily closed
NexansFranceSupply chain will be impacted - will see potential shortage 1-2 months from now
Oshino LampsUKLead times may increase
Rollon SrlItalyA5630Production facility temporarily closed
Safran Aerosystems ServicesFranceFAUX0O2 and othersProduction facility temporarily closed
SecanFranceF0569Production is now at 80% and expected to be at 100% by end of June
Souriau-Sunbank, EatonFrance, India, Morocco, Mexico, USFrance & Morocco operating at 35% capacity, US operating at 50% capacity, India operating at limited capacity, Mexico facility closed
TransicoilUSDisplays,LCD'sFacility will be closed from April 27th to May 3rd and June 29th to July 5th
TrelleborgUSFacility will be closed June 29th - July 3rd.
VibrachocFranceCockpit panels A330/340Production facility slowly starting operations as of 4/8/20
Wamco LampsUS2 week increase in lead times - reflected on ProCart


Brea, CA (Corporate Headquarters)

  • All office employees working from home
  • Manufacturing – Open Monday – Thursday
  • Warehouse – Open

Centerbrook, CT

  • All employees working from home

Tamarac, FL

  • All employees except operations working from home
  • Warehouse – Open

Burnsville, MN

  • Warranty and Repair – Open


  • Most employees working from home
  • Warehouse – Open

United Kingdom

  • Most employees working from home
  • Warehouse – Open


  • 50% of employees working from home
  • 50% of employees working in the office


  • Open


  • All office employees working from home
  • Warehouse – Open

Hong Kong

  • All employees back in the office
  • Warehouse – Open

Get in touch to let us know how we can help you.

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